Daybreak O’Porter – Cat Girls, Kaftans and The That means Of Magnificence

On this episode I get to know the sensible Daybreak O’Porter.
Daybreak has written probably the most unbelievable e-book known as Cat Woman (I devoured it in 3 hours) and now we have an ideal chat about the principle character and the way her life falls aside within the e-book plus what we are able to study from how she mends it.
We additionally speak about {our relationships} with varied pets and our husbands, there is a surprising story about marmite, Daybreak explains her love of kaftans and tells me why she’ll by no means change her coiffure.
Daybreak additionally talks about what magnificence means to her and discusses a number of the most significant magnificence merchandise in her life.
I solely had half an hour to talk with Daybreak however I actually might have recorded for a complete day with out getting antsy. She’s clever, humorous, artistic and completely proud of who she is. (I left the interview feeling that there is tons to study from her angle to life). I do know that you’re going to love this episode.

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